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Q: What can I do if my Gift Card gets stolen, lost or damaged?

A: Your Gift Card should be treated like cash and kept in a secure place. We unfortunately cannot replace a lost, stolen or damaged card under any circumstances. Please see our Terms and Conditions for further details.

Q:  My card is not working in store?

A: Sorry to hear that. Check out the following reasons your card may not be working:

  1. The balance you have nominated is not available. You can check your card balance here.
  2. Your gift card has expired. Gift cards have a 36 month expiry, which can be calculated 36 months from the date of issue, or you can see the expiry within the Check Balance section of our site.
  3. The retailer you have tried to use your gift card at is not a participating retailer. Check out our site here, and click on your Gift Card type to see our participating retailers.

For any other issues with your card please contact us here.