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Q: Where can I use your Gift Cards?

A: You can use your gift card at any of our top participating retailers Australia wide. Check out our site here, and click on your Gift Card type to see our participating retailers.

Q: Can I use my gift card to pay online for products?

A: Yes, but not all of our retailers are able to be redeemed online. Please check out the How to Use section of each of our cards on our site to see if your participating retailer will accept online redemption.

When you choose the retailer, it will also show you how to redeem you card online.

Q: How can I pay using my Gift Cards in store?

A: Using your card in store is very easy - simply present your gift card at the participating retailer to swipe at the eftpos terminal. Select "SAVINGS," enter the PIN on the back of card and you're done.

If the transaction amount exceeds the card’s balance, you will need to pay for the remaining amount on a different card or cash.

Q: I tried to swap my gift card for an e-gift voucher but the transaction failed. Why?

A: Please check if your Gift Card has a sufficient balance to complete the swap. If the card’s balance is lower than the e-gift voucher amount, the swap will decline. If it has sufficient balance but still declining then please contact us directly so we can assist.

Q : Do I need to spend my Gift Card all in one transaction or all with one retailer?

A: No! You can choose how and where you want to spend your card balance. Any remaining balance after your transaction will stay on your card as long as it’s valid for. This way you can enjoy your gift card more than once!

Q: I don’t have enough balance to swap my Gift Card for an e-gift voucher. Can I top up?

A: No, unfortunately you cannot top-up your Gift Card at this stage - but watch this space! However, there are plenty of other brands where you can spend your card at. Check out our site here, and click on your Gift Card type to see our participating retailers.

Q:  How do I check my balance?

A: You can check your balance here.